Allotap started out in healthcare, where outdated IT renders data both inaccessible and unusable, to make data more findable. For life science, our OE 1.8 software targets research data from 50 million scientific publications, universities, grants, institutes, people and products. The web app, with next generation search functionality, is scheduled for launch in 2023, and dedicated to healthcare and BioPharma. For all Outlook users, our unique search and find IT Outlook add-in, NALYC, connects your world seamlessly and will change e-mail behaviour for the better so you can get ahead and run your business better.


  • Simply put, we no longer need to “be online” to make data anymore. We do it every second of the day. NALYC can help find the quickest way to find an important conversation.
  • We are powerless to control the amount of data received through emails daily. Incredibly important knowledge is lost, sometimes forever. It impacts on our creativity; we feel small and out of control. For the first time, NALYC can offer you that control over e-mails, so you can retrace, refresh or rescue all opportunities.
  • Although science has access to big data unified in fragmented databases, there is no conceivable way for us to search these big databases efficiently. In truth, if data has not been clicked, it is lost for the most part.
  • Research scientists typically spend 8 hours per week researching projects. With major challenges arising from mass influx of data, OE1.8 users will be significantly more productive.


Allotap is a trusted supplier, manufacturer and partner of critical raw materials and services to the BioPharma, diagnostics, food and cosmetic industries. We specialize in bulk and GMP production of recombinant antigens, peptides, plasmid DNA with accompanying custom QC analytics and BioBank storage.